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Blue Invest LogoDisclaimer:All the following information is based on the BlueInvest Investor Report, which combines market data with results from an investor survey conducted by BlueInvest. BlueInvest is a European Commission initiative launched in 2019 with the aim to accelerate new ocean-based technologies and solutions to unlock innovation and investment opportunities in the sustainable Blue Economy. It is funded by the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF).


Definition for the sector

Coastal and maritime tourism is the range of social, cultural and economic activities involved in providing services for tourism taking place in or around coastal or marine environments. It includes beach-based recreational activitiesnon-beachland-based activities in the coastal and surrounding area, and the manufacturing and supply of goods and services associated with these activities. Maritime tourism includes water-based recreational activities (e.g. surfing, canoeing, sport fishing, whale and seabird watching, sailing, and yachting), the cruising industry and the manufacturing and supply of related equipment and services.

DDC Strategy - Digitalize, Decarbonize, Circularise

The sector is highly dependent on the quality of coastal and marine ecosystems for attracting visitors, and it is particularly vulnerable to threats such as climate change and biodiversity loss. Well-managed tourism can support conservation, contribute to sustainable development and provide income opportunities and a better quality of life for coastal communities. In 2022, the EC identified 27 action areas for accelerating the green and digital transition and for improving the resilience of the EU tourism industry. These include, inter alia, sustainable mobility, circularity of tourism services, green transition of tourism companies and SMEs, data-driven tourism services, and peer learning and networking for SMEs.

Fórum Oceano Services for the sector

Business development and internationalization: market intelligence services; organization of business missions and matchmaking; support for investment initiatives; creation of ESG entrepreneurship and business acceleration programmes; support for business internationalization.
Business acceleration, entrepreneurship, digitalization and ESG innovation: implementation of European and extra-European projects focused on innovation ecosystems and networks; support services for the creation of ESG business models; ESG impact assessment services for companies and technologies; support for business financing; support for access to infrastructures for testing ESG technologies, products, and services.
Training, education, and literacy: Creation of technical and higher education training solutions; Development of blue literacy initiatives linked to ESG youth entrepreneurship and knowledge of ESG blue economy professions.
Organizing events and actions to communicate the ESG blue economy: Disseminating knowledge and good practices, fostering collaboration between stakeholders, and highlighting emerging opportunities in the ESG blue economy.
Strategic studies and public policy: Conducting strategic studies to define municipal, regional and national blue economy strategies.

Value Chain

Coastal Tourism Value Chain

Key Innovations and Technologies

InnovationDescriptionValue Proposition
Digital platforms for tourism services and activitiesOnline spaces for value-creating interactions between service/product providers and customers/users. Interactions take place within the platform, facilitating the exchange of goods or services for a form of currency. Specific platforms are being developed for charter yachts, boat rental and sharing, marine services and the management of tourism flows in natural and cultural heritage sites.Real-time data-driven insights enable users to make better informed decisions. Platforms are disrupting the way the sector is run from end-to-end and impact the way destinations facilitate tourism, develop products, gather data, access markets and attract visitors.
Virtual reality (VR) and remote tourismImmersive technology to enhance traveler experience before and/or after arriving at the destination.Destinations, attractions, hotels and tour operators can offer new ways to engage, at low-cost. Customers can 'try before you buy'.
Augmented Reality (AR) in hospitality and coastal navigationEnhanced real-world visions created through the overlay of computer-generated content, allowing virtual content to interact with the real environment. AR can also relate to auditory or olfactory augmentations that are not originally part of the real environment.Complete and pleasant visiting experience for the user. Several hoteliers are exploring AR and it is also being used as a visual navigation assistant.
Sustainable boating and sustainable marine floating modulesMore sustainable ships used for tourism purposes, which emit less emissions, are made of greener materials and are more energy-efficient. Sustainable marine floating modules contribute to the development of oceanic interface areas and optimise mooring facilities for yachting and leisure.Can reduce the environmental impact of pleasure boats and ships. Sustainable marine floating modules are environmentally friendly, safe and adaptable to their individual environments.
Sustainable tourism managementInitiatives aimed at promoting marine protection and ocean literacy (e.g. underwater museums, sustainable sports, sustainability classification and assessment of beaches) and platforms that enhance the marine chartering offering, providing experiential citizen activities that encourage marine life protection.Fosters a greater sense of care and appreciation for marine life among visitors, leading to greater preservation of beaches and the marine environment.
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Fórum Oceano Associates - Coastal & Maritime Tourism Sector

Coastal & Maritime Tourism Markets Data

Blue Economy Barometer

Web-based platform that consolidates data from different industry sub-sectors of the Blue Economy, and compares several indicators for different countries.

Hub Azul Dealroom

The digital platform for the global internationalisation of the Blue Economy in Portugal, promoted by Fórum Oceano, for a global ecosystem that connects blue innovators with investors.

Euronext Lisbon

Euronext Lisbon is a stock exchange in Lisbon, Portugal. It is part of Euronext pan-European exchange. The most famous index is PSI-20.

Blue Invest

European Commission initiative with the aim to accelerate new ocean-based technologies and solutions to unlock innovation and investment opportunities in the sustainable blue economy.
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