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Blue Economy Compass – navigating blue investment

This guide comprises an analysis of the main global trends in new technologies, startups, investment and new business models in the blue economy, based on data from the Hub Azul Dealroom platform.

Hub Azul Dealroom. What is it?

Hub Azul Portugal, the Innovation Infrastructure Network for the Blue Economy, has launched HUB AZUL DEALROOM - the world's first Blue Economy business platform - on which more than 1,500 startups (with more than 2,000 investment rounds), nearly 2,600 investors and more than 120 large companies are already registered.
Fórum Oceano is the entity responsible for "Creating the Hub Azul (H9) business model and management team", a network of innovation infrastructures for the Blue Economy, as part of the European Commission's Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Blue Economy Compass advantages

Which sectors of the blue economy are attracting capital? Which technologies are gaining the trust of investors, users and customers? Which blue startups are making a profit with ESG business models? And which investment funds are most active in the blue economy?
The launch of the digital platform for the maritime economy ecosystem, Hub Azul Dealroom, as part of the funding for the H9 project of the PRR-Fundo Azul, will help to answer these and other questions. Through the Blue Economy Compass, Fórum Oceano aims to provide an essential systematized "Market Intelligence" service on the main investment trends in the Blue Economy to its members and the community as a whole, based on the data available in the Hub Azul Dealroom.
On a monthly basis, we propose to publish information on the fastest-growing startups, those that are attracting the most capital and those with the highest market valuation.
Gradually we will develop other types of analysis useful for navigating the turbulent and uncertain, but always exciting, sea of blue investment opportunities.
Fórum Oceano is committed and mobilized to carry out the sea entrepreneurship agenda!

Blue Economy Compass Reports

Here you can find the Blue Economy Compass monthly reports.

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