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March 4, 2024

BTL – Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa, the largest tourism fair in the country, organized by the AIP Foundation, took place from February 28th to March 3rd, at FIL, in Lisbon.
The Nautical Stations of Portugal (ENP) were present at BTL 2024 with the “Nautical Portugal” Route, which took place on February 29th, Thursday, through Regional Sessions that took place at the Stands of the Regional Tourism Entities (Algarve , Lisbon, Porto and North, Central Portugal and Alentejo and Ribatejo) and the National Session, hosted by the ERT Alentejo and Ribatejo Stand.
The National Session was attended by José Manuel Santos, President of the Regional Tourism Entity of Alentejo and Ribatejo; Ruben Eiras, General Secretary of Forum Oceano; Ribau Esteves, Vice-President of ANMP, member of the Nautical Stations Assessment Committee; Teresa Monteiro, Vice-President of Turismo de Portugal, representing the Secretary of State for Tourism, Commerce and Services; and Marisa Silva, General Director of Maritime Policy, member of the Nautical Stations Assessment Committee.
This was followed by the presentation of the Network “ESTAÇÕES NÁUTICAS DE PORTUGAL”, by the Coordinator of the ENP Network, António José Correia, highlighting the highlights of 2023 and the challenges of 2024.
Among these, the Nautica Interior Centro 2030 Project stands out, a PROVERE Collective Efficiency Strategy, which had the direct involvement of the Ocean Forum and the ENP Network, whose mission is “the valorization of the endogenous resource “Inland Waters of the Region Center” through a collective efficiency strategy that promotes the qualification of an excellent inland nautical tourist destination and its promotion, contributing to the creation of value and employment in conditions of social, economic and environmental sustainability.”; and the PROVERE +Alqueva Strategy, based on the valorization of the endogenous resource “water”, whose main objective is to “foster the competitiveness of these spaces through the promotion of innovative economic-based activities, economic and cultural diversification, which contribute to the creation of jobs , enhancing the territory’s value chain and increasing added value and retaining people”.
Also noteworthy is the public certification ceremony for four new inland water Nautical Stations: Amarante, Lagos do Sabor, Pedrógão Grande and Penamacor.
In total, there are already 36 certified Nautical Stations with another 10 expressions of interest on the way, most of them in inland waters. The entire offer can be read on the Nautical Portugal Platform.
It should also be noted that the opening of the 7th phase of applications was announced until September 30, 2024. The application conditions can be consulted here.
This session presented the 3rd Meeting of the Network of Nautical Stations of Portugal to be held in Vilamoura, on the 11th and 12th of April 2024. This moment was attended by the Municipality of Loulé, represented by the Vice-President of C.M. Loulé, David Pimentel and Vilamoura Marina, represented by the Marina's CEO, Isolete Correia.
Another highlight of the ceremony was the signing of the Cooperation Protocol between Fórum Oceano and Associação Automóvel Portugal – APICAN Nautical Division (ACAP-APICAN) with the aim of “deepening and strengthening cooperation between both institutions, in the tasks they perform, as responsible for their areas in policies for the development of the national sustainable maritime economy”.
The “EU WeMED_NaTOUR” project was presented by Turismo de Portugal, in which Fórum Oceano is an associated partner, involving ten Coastal Nautical Stations, whose main objectives are:
  • Develop School Tourism in coastal destinations in partner countries – Portugal, Spain, Italy, Mauritania

  • Increase the attractiveness of these destinations, highlighting their cultural and environmental values, among younger generations

  • Train companies in the development of school tourism programs, integrating sustainability practices

  • Training teachers and students for responsible tourism

  • Implement pilot trips suitable for school groups, which can be replicated in the territories

António Marques Vidal, President of APECATE, member of the Nautical Stations Assessment Committee and Sérgio Faias, President of the Board of Directors of DOCAPESCA, SA, closed this national session. This was followed by an action to promote fish from Lotas Portuguesas by DOCAPESCA – Portos e Lotas, SA, and the tasting of regional Alentejo products, with the collaboration of the Portalegre School of Hotel and Tourism.
It is also essential to mention the way in which the Regional Tourism Entities of Porto and North, Center of Portugal, Lisbon Region, Alentejo and Ribatejo and Algarve, hosted this event and created the conditions for the valorization of the Portuguese Nautical Stations Network at this fair.
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